Saturday, October 9, 2010

My other blog.

Hey friends!

I just wanted to invite you to my new blog (though I'm unsure if I will delete this one), and would love if you'd like to be one of my followers! 
I will be posting of my new Etsy shop (which will be up soon), recipes, DIY, and etc!

With Love,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Listen in!

Jeremy Larson's side project: Fort Christmas "The Leave Behind" 
Release date for his side project EP is October 19th!
Visit Jeremy's site for more info!

Really excited about this project. Love this upbeat and catchy song!

With Love,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never will I forget.

I never thought someone like me would ever live close to a place like this. This is the California coast, on our way back from our honeymoon. What a beautiful creation. Matt mentioned how he missed California, and once he said it, I knew I felt the same way. I'm unsure if I can put into words exactly what I miss. I know without question, we miss our close friends and the fellowship they brought. I know we miss seeing the mountains, now so far away. Taking drives up the mountain, to sip a glass of wine and watch the sun set. I think what I feel I miss most, is the freedom it brought into our lives, in beginning a new adventure in marriage and the freedom God gave us in learning more of who we are, as his children. I miss our friends Dane and Jillie, who with so much love and trust in their eyes, aloud us to open up to them from the very first evening we met them, and aloud us to be vulnerable by making us feel so cared for and safe with our deep buried thoughts and sin out on the table. I miss our friends Cindy and Nick, who are filled with so much Love for God and are so joyful to spread the Love of God to others through their actions, prayer, and words. I love our friend's pure hearts, their free spirit. Who opened their home, week after week for us to come in and all be together in devotion and prayer. What a splendid blessing. I am reminded day after day by the fruit that has come from this group of people, and that has continued to be a fresh and joyful memory.
I cannot emphasize the importance of how having a young marrieds group in the first year of our marriage has transformed our lives; How much fruit has blossomed and grown from the trees and continues to just cover the grounds. 

Dane & Jillie, Matt & I, and Cindy & Nick.

With Love,

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, I've heard quite a bit of good things about Groupon.
When you sign up for your town, you get coupons everyday for local business in your city.
Sign up, and see what it's all about.
I'm doing it, you should too....don't you like to save money?


Friday, August 27, 2010

Girls with Glasses giveaway from Warby Parker!

Yes, it's true.
Warby Parker has a give away with The Girls with Glasses.
I only heard bout them until last night. What a treat!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something new.

So, it's been about a month or more since Matt and I have been back and living in Springfield. It's amazing the work God has placed in our lives. We've met up with old and new friends, again, finding a strong sense of community and fellowship. I instantly had my job back that I worked for a year ago. Matt has new connections in Springfield with photography, and has been motivated to be healthy, eating right and exercising. His drive is high for his advertising photography, He's seeking the Lord more and more, and he has been listing goals for our marriage that he has been so sweet to meet.
God has been so good to us since we've come home. He is always good to us, but when there is a big change, moving from the west coast to the midwest again, it's definitely noted when it can be so stressful and difficult. We are blessed to have Matt's family welcome us into their home to live and get on our feet in finances, and our careers. 
We are very happy with the move we've had in our lives, not just the physical move from one place to the other, but the spiritual movement of fruit that has come from friends, family, and our time seeking the Lord, and serving Him through our marriage. I wish I could put it all into a better form of words, but God's Love for us is truly tender and precious. His Love alone is tender, but only by accepting Him and His Love can we truly experience and acknowledge His grace and blessings. Only by trusting fully in Him with day to day stress, or the big decisions, can we really experience and acknowledge being wrapped and engulfed in His Love.
I am so thankful for the timing God has worked of coming back to Springfield. Gathering with family and other married friends, who we are witnessing their growth and delight in the Lord with Marriage is so exciting. 
In other news, I have come up with a new name for my creative line. "Needle & Twine"
I have created a new etsy, but have not opened it up just yet. I will keep you posted for the new online store opening!

With Love,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captivity will fall, when we learn to Trust and Live by His Freedom.

Sometimes I don't think I realize what God is teaching me until it comes out of my mouth in conversation.
I think it's part of the connection for me, in that vocalizing it draws it from my heart, into something right in front of my face.
I have had such a strong desire, as I have grown into a woman, to be a prayer warrior. I know that if I have this desire to share the gentleness of my heart God has given me, then why not take the step forward? I have times when I am uncomfortable praying out loud with others, more when there's a group of people I'm still getting to know. I know my self consciousness holds me back into fully freeing what God is teaching me, or feeling safe. It is like my desire to be a strong praying woman of God is written in the palms of my hands, but they are clinched tight, or neatly folded in my lap.
I know that this desire will see me through. I have faith God has been speaking to me, and has placed other strong women of Christ in my life for the examples I need. I know that if I learn to trust Him in this I could glorify Him, I could see more answered prayers, and not out of a selfish ambition. 
I spoke of this tonight after our last group with the young marrieds, I could feel the depth of the desire pouring out in my tears, and I have so much faith that God has been working in me from the moment I stepped into Santa Barbara. He has given Matt and I a foundation to be One with Him, away from our family, and learn of how we can Glorify Him in our marriage. Marriage is so special, and was designed so perfectly in God's eyes. If only the many broken marriages could all follow His wisdom,humbleness and see the goodness He has in store for them. My heart breaks and longs to tell all the nations, the Love He has for them.
I am overwhelmed with emotion, stress, fatigue, but yet I feel exuberant with the Love God has so much of for us.  
I am ready for the changes God has planned for us. The inner changes, that have never seemed to stop, as He is always working. I'm ready to be a prayer warrior, to build others up in Christ, and to humble myself more and more, all for the Glory of Christ.

With Utmost Love,

"but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collecting thoughts.

The past couple of days, I've been in a daze thinking of the changes there will be in my surroundings in just a couple of weeks. 
Today I spent some time outside at the park across the street from our apartment, just laying in the sun and collecting my thoughts for what the future holds for Matt and I. 
I know the familiarities I am so fond of will be warming to my heart, but I've been contemplating the differences that we will face, no matter how big or small. 
I have been filled with so much joy knowing we will be close to our families and old friends. But I have expectations things will be different. Different is not necessarily a bad thing, but I know it takes some getting used to, like it has been for me here in CA. 
I'm ready for the humidity during the Summer, the trees changing their colors, brightening the streets of gold, amber, and red during the Fall, and the cold Winter nights warming by the fireplace. I'm ready for the weddings of our friends, dancing and celebrating days of Love and the oneness in Christ; to hear their eager hearts ready to become new families. I'm ready for embraces of family and sitting around the dinner table with laughter and full bellies. 

We want our Santa Barbara friends to know how meaningful and loving they have been to us. We want them to know we will never leave them behind, because they will always be in our hearts, and we will always be eager to visit. This decision began building months back, and has developed more and more into a big decision that we know we have had to make. It is the perfect time for us to be with our family and friends back home, and get on our feet financially as a young married couple.
We are so grateful and still, our cups are running over.

We Love you with all our hearts.
With Love,