Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collecting thoughts.

The past couple of days, I've been in a daze thinking of the changes there will be in my surroundings in just a couple of weeks. 
Today I spent some time outside at the park across the street from our apartment, just laying in the sun and collecting my thoughts for what the future holds for Matt and I. 
I know the familiarities I am so fond of will be warming to my heart, but I've been contemplating the differences that we will face, no matter how big or small. 
I have been filled with so much joy knowing we will be close to our families and old friends. But I have expectations things will be different. Different is not necessarily a bad thing, but I know it takes some getting used to, like it has been for me here in CA. 
I'm ready for the humidity during the Summer, the trees changing their colors, brightening the streets of gold, amber, and red during the Fall, and the cold Winter nights warming by the fireplace. I'm ready for the weddings of our friends, dancing and celebrating days of Love and the oneness in Christ; to hear their eager hearts ready to become new families. I'm ready for embraces of family and sitting around the dinner table with laughter and full bellies. 

We want our Santa Barbara friends to know how meaningful and loving they have been to us. We want them to know we will never leave them behind, because they will always be in our hearts, and we will always be eager to visit. This decision began building months back, and has developed more and more into a big decision that we know we have had to make. It is the perfect time for us to be with our family and friends back home, and get on our feet financially as a young married couple.
We are so grateful and still, our cups are running over.

We Love you with all our hearts.
With Love,

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Justine said...

It all makes sense now. I have been a bit out of the blogging loop for awhile.

You will be missed. Dearly.