Friday, May 28, 2010

My cup is overflowing; There's no place like home.

It is such a blessing how much we've learned this year as newlyweds. I have never known the extent of what family really means; how valuable and wonderful they are even if at one point in my life, I thought they'd never stop embarrassing me, or reminding me to clean this or that. This year I have opened my eyes to the value of my family, the priceless tag that was seen by leaving them miles across the states. I have never valued the way my parents raised me until this year. I am so thankful for their guidance and discipline in order to make me understand the depth and importance of hard work, and loving others. 
I am so thankful to have grown up in a Christ believing home, and that each year I have gained more knowledge of Him, or really more of a desire to Glorify Him in everything I do.
I am blessed to have learned this year how Marriage was made to glorify Him. I've learned the importance of being humble and to examine our hearts daily when they are not in the right place.
I've learned that I am a better cook than I thought, and have fun making new and delicious meals for my husband with Love. I've learned I love baking more than cooking, because I have a pretty big sweet tooth, and you can't go wrong with blueberry cobbler, or chocolate chip cookies.  There has been simple things I've learned, but yet I know even they have contributed to my growth into a wife, and a woman of Christ. I know the stripping away of my family and friends from Springfield was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, beside being away from Matt for a year before our wedding. But I am thankful. My cup couldn't be more full and overflowing than it is now. I am over-joyed by the supply of Love and friendship Matt and I have found here. I know God placed us in the perfect place for a year to learn to be our own family, and fully trust God in everyday. We have had so much support here, and from back home. I know God truly Loves us, because if He did not, He wouldn't have placed these people in our lives. What beautiful gifts He gives! What infinite Grace He will continue to pour on us!
This year has been amazing. I am so proud of Matt and I.
As for now, we are moving back to Springfield. We will be leaving close to the 18th of June. Matt has decided his time at Brooks is finished, and has been feeling this way for some time now. He is ready to spend time really working on his portfolio and preparing more for future assisting jobs with other photographers. Our hope is to move to Portland when the time is right; if there is a place for us there. But for now, we will be enjoying at the most, a year of family and friends at home.
Matthew has been such a great husband to me this past year. It will be a year for us July 18th!
He has been incredibly supportive and understanding to my struggles and fears and has done nothing less than believing in me every step of the way to get me to believe in myself. I am so happy to be with my best friend everyday, and still miss him when he leaves for his classes. He has been such a follower of Christ by being such a gentle and loving leader, protector and encourager. I couldn't have asked for a more soft hearted bearded green-eyed cute husband than the one I have. :)

I am very excited to be home with family. To be able to save money and feel more stable. We are so happy that we'll be able to enjoy the simplicity of eating dinner together with our family, and to have endless conversations face to face with our friends. 
I am so happy God has guided us to this. He truly knows and cares for us and our needs. He is the ultimate provider.

With utmost Love,


Nueva Esperanza said...

I am so excited for you guys. So proud of you guys and love you both very very much. What a sweet time of life we are at these months. Yay for weddings and celebrating your first year of marriage !!! Beautiful post. Praise God for his guidance and His encouragement and graceful blessings.

Courtney said...

I'm so excited to hear that you will be moving back here!!

If you two are looking for a place to live, they have good deals @ Tall Grass where Daniel and I live usually during the summer.