Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first Blueberry Cobbler & Family.

My Nanaw would be proud. I should call and tell her!

The result...

This was my first try at a cobbler. Mmm, my grandma used to make some type of berry cobbler in the Summer when we would visit her at her house. She is a big part of my inspiration in becoming a hardworking, selfless homemaker. She will not let you get her anything, and will not sit down and be served until everyone else is. She is as sweet as all the sweets she makes. Making this made me miss her even more than I already do.

I decided around Christmas time this last year, that I wanted to write a book about my two grandmothers. I want to ask them every question about their childhoods, their recipes, and the smallest details that makes them so interesting and beautiful.
Maybe it's silly, but I feel very much like my Dad's Mother, Nanaw. Maybe it's the fact that I feel so inspired by her, to make things; food, quilts, and make people smile. She is so quiet and petite, but can be so goofy, like me.
I don't think it was until I married Matthew, that I realized how important family is. Even if they embarrassed you when you were little, or still do to this day, the Love and comfort my family has poured over me through all 22 years of my life is to be cherished and given back to them. I remember always feeling angry at my father for his strict pattern of discipline, and doubting that I'd ever be like him. Well, I'll tell you something, I only try to keep things clean and have the motivation to be organized in every part of my life because of the discipline he gave. And my Mother, so silly and sometimes, she'd embarrass me the most. But it is her heart for the Lord and for serving others that taught me how to give grace to others like Christ. I love my family, and I miss them so so much. I miss my sister, even though there was a period of time when we wouldn't talk unless we absolutely had to, and it would only last a minute or less. Her blood is in my blood, and she is my sister. Even though we don't understand each other sometimes, we've shared many laughs over the same things. I also believe she's taught me a lot as well, even if they were little bits and pieces, I know her guidance as an older sister to me, helped me grow into the woman I am today.

And then, there's the In-laws, who are no one to fear, but cherish as well. I remember before getting engaged to Matt, thinking of the Douglas' as my future family. I remember even in my worry of whether Matt and I would be together, I was always reassured by the type of family I would join. Loving, caring, supportive, funny, and intelligent. I am so glad to be a Douglas. I can't even imagine living a day not being a Douglas. Matt and his family have given me so much direction and encouragement. They have made so many things I would have thought impossible, possible for me.

I wish I could be surrounded by these people, and all of the beautiful friends we have met, old and new, year round.

I Love you, family.
I cannot wait for the day Matt and I will contribute to the family, but we've got a few years until that happens, hopefully. :)

Much Love&Peace,

p.s. There's a ladybug on our window. Hello Summer. :)

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