Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something new.

So, it's been about a month or more since Matt and I have been back and living in Springfield. It's amazing the work God has placed in our lives. We've met up with old and new friends, again, finding a strong sense of community and fellowship. I instantly had my job back that I worked for a year ago. Matt has new connections in Springfield with photography, and has been motivated to be healthy, eating right and exercising. His drive is high for his advertising photography, He's seeking the Lord more and more, and he has been listing goals for our marriage that he has been so sweet to meet.
God has been so good to us since we've come home. He is always good to us, but when there is a big change, moving from the west coast to the midwest again, it's definitely noted when it can be so stressful and difficult. We are blessed to have Matt's family welcome us into their home to live and get on our feet in finances, and our careers. 
We are very happy with the move we've had in our lives, not just the physical move from one place to the other, but the spiritual movement of fruit that has come from friends, family, and our time seeking the Lord, and serving Him through our marriage. I wish I could put it all into a better form of words, but God's Love for us is truly tender and precious. His Love alone is tender, but only by accepting Him and His Love can we truly experience and acknowledge His grace and blessings. Only by trusting fully in Him with day to day stress, or the big decisions, can we really experience and acknowledge being wrapped and engulfed in His Love.
I am so thankful for the timing God has worked of coming back to Springfield. Gathering with family and other married friends, who we are witnessing their growth and delight in the Lord with Marriage is so exciting. 
In other news, I have come up with a new name for my creative line. "Needle & Twine"
I have created a new etsy, but have not opened it up just yet. I will keep you posted for the new online store opening!

With Love,


Justine said...

As sad as I am that you are not a quick 10-15 minute drive away now, I am so happy to hear the ways the Lord has provided. It sounds like you are in line with his will which is such a beautiful and safe place to be. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Let's make time to talk soon, but don't stress about it.

May the Lord bless you and keep you both. Love you so much.

Christina Bowles said...

I am so happy for you and Matt! You are such an inspiring couple.