Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never will I forget.

I never thought someone like me would ever live close to a place like this. This is the California coast, on our way back from our honeymoon. What a beautiful creation. Matt mentioned how he missed California, and once he said it, I knew I felt the same way. I'm unsure if I can put into words exactly what I miss. I know without question, we miss our close friends and the fellowship they brought. I know we miss seeing the mountains, now so far away. Taking drives up the mountain, to sip a glass of wine and watch the sun set. I think what I feel I miss most, is the freedom it brought into our lives, in beginning a new adventure in marriage and the freedom God gave us in learning more of who we are, as his children. I miss our friends Dane and Jillie, who with so much love and trust in their eyes, aloud us to open up to them from the very first evening we met them, and aloud us to be vulnerable by making us feel so cared for and safe with our deep buried thoughts and sin out on the table. I miss our friends Cindy and Nick, who are filled with so much Love for God and are so joyful to spread the Love of God to others through their actions, prayer, and words. I love our friend's pure hearts, their free spirit. Who opened their home, week after week for us to come in and all be together in devotion and prayer. What a splendid blessing. I am reminded day after day by the fruit that has come from this group of people, and that has continued to be a fresh and joyful memory.
I cannot emphasize the importance of how having a young marrieds group in the first year of our marriage has transformed our lives; How much fruit has blossomed and grown from the trees and continues to just cover the grounds. 

Dane & Jillie, Matt & I, and Cindy & Nick.

With Love,


Anonymous said...

lindsay and matt...
our dear friends with the most sincere hearts and thoughtful words. it is raining outside right now (september, i know, crazy...the summer of 2010 that never came) anyways, i wish we could all be together drinking tea or hot chocolate or foamy little lattes sitting by a fire listening to dane sing Daughters of Jerusalem :)
thank you for missing us and missing your california newlywed adventure- you guys are our heros. braving the wild west all on your own, barely out of you teens at that! ha!
we love you SO much and miss you all the time.

-cindy & nick

Jillie said...

L & M

such gentle yet powerful spirits. your presence was always SO refreshing to us. we miss YOU! matt with his headphones walking down the street and love of all things seriously funny and artistic, lindsay's sweet, sincere smile and her giving heart- with creative beauty pouring out of her wherever she goes. thanks for loving us, you guys. and lindsay...I LOVE your writing and it is always such a pure joy to read it. you are as sweet as a summer peach and our lives are less beautiful without both of you.

sending dances and joy and love...

Jillie and Dane