Monday, April 26, 2010

News: New ideas, & weddings.

So, I know I've been on a string of personal journal posts, but I'd like to begin posting lighter posts.
I may begin a new blog, where I have updates of only my Etsy, and creations. I've been thinking of giving my pieces a new name, something made up, simple and catchy. Though, I have not figured it out just yet, but I will keep you posted. I'd like it to be something simple, that doesn't take up much space, and 'youandmeloveandpeace' is quite long. I'd be keeping this blog my journal.

I've been inspired to expand my line of creations. My in laws gave me a sewing machine for my birthday this year, and I'm so excited to begin making new things! There is a local fabric store within walking distance of our apartment, and I can't wait to find some beautiful fabric to work with.
I would love to dive more into wedding accessories, create light, and delicate designs, including hair pieces, boutonnieres, etc. 
I'm making boutonnieres for my friend Shelby, who is having a DIY wedding. I cannot wait to create something beautiful for their wedding.
I'm also thinking a lot about pieces for babies. I want to embroider cute onesies, make headbands, and maybe even little blankets.
There's so much to create! I wish I had more space in the apartment, and more time to just create!

I hope your day is bright and beautiful.
Much love&peace,

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