Monday, March 22, 2010

Golden Day.

I've had a lot of thoughts about my birthday this year. I know I've listed things I wouldn't mind having, but I know a birthday should be less about wanting and more about thankfulness.
I've been reminiscing on how far I've come as a woman, with my goals and growth. I think my 22nd birthday will be memorable to me because it's the first year apart from my close family, who are miles away, with the exception of my husband. It's golden to me because I've faced challenges that have given me growth this past year. I know I have developed into a responsible woman, I've been given a loving and committed husband, and I've taken on more challenges that only with Christ could I be where I am today.

I'm thankful that I've been provided for all these years by my parents and God's grace. My mother is a petite woman, but her heart is so strong and tender. I know Her love and commitment for the Lord led me to Christ and helped me to see the need to Love others and see the best in them. I am so thankful for her loving touch and the laughter we always share together.
I'm thankful for my Father, and the hard work he put into putting food on the table and providing a roof over our heads. I feel like I had a difficult time with him growing up, and that I never truly appreciated him like I should have. It took me a few years until now to finally be able to step back and see the whole picture and appreciate him. I love talking to my dad now and realizing the hard work that goes into having your own home and having bills to pay. It took me having a new load of responsibilities to appreciate my dad and all his hard work, and I'm happy that my eyes have been opened.

I wish to finish this tonight...but I will have to finish in the morning. My eyes are too too sleepy.

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Happy Birthday Lindsey!