Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After a day on my feet at work, my mind isn't awake much longer.

It feels great to be working again. I feel like God really made me wait, but I feel like this job is a good fit, and it was all worth the wait.
I wish I always could give God enough credit for all the things He is doing in my life.
Of course, this is when I am not purposely surrounding my life in His presence, or more like not taking the time to see Him throughout the day and stay alert for what He has, no matter how "small." I think He has so many blessings for us through out the day, that don't get recognized, or that we don't praise Him for.

Walking with Christ isn't about our personal perfection, but about the perfect Love God has for us, and to live as Jesus did, in unconditional Love and Grace.

Being a believer is a consistent roller coaster of ups and downs. I want that consistency;
I desire to swim in His presence year round. But I believe God has something for us in every season we are in, weather we feel hopeless, or completely uplifted with Him.

I know the hopeless feeling seasons bring growth and brightness to the beautiful seasons.
I just wish I weren't so forgetful year round.

With Love&Peace,

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