Thursday, December 31, 2009

GOALS for 2010.

I've never been the person to set very many goals. I feel like I have had many interests in many things, but I haven't really ever strived long term to reach a high point in the things I am potentially good at.
Maybe I am being too hard on myself. Situations are usually not as bad as we think they are.
But I've always felt like there has been a lot of points in my life that disconnected things I was trying to accomplish, or felt like I could pursue.
More so, I think my problem throughout has been time management, and willingness to focus in on my goals. I haven't made very many goals over the years; They always seem pretty small, but they mean more than we give them credit for, and they give our lives more opportunity and happiness if we're looking in the right direction.

2010 is going to be different.
I know it's in my best interest to allow myself to breath; to give and love with an eager heart, daily. With my list of goals, this applies within most of them.

2010 Goals:

* Make new things: Creations to sell on Etsy, and to give to family and friends; Knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, linoleum print making, etc. The list could go on and on.

* Body&Mind health: Taking time for exercising, stretching, or meditation daily. Drinking lots of water, taking vitamins daily.

*Spirit health: Praying daily, and always remembering the power it has, meditate on the positive, be in the word, and live it.

*Study weekly: Be a better Massage Therapist.

*Make healthy meals: For my Husband and I; be creative in the kitchen, conservative with prices, less meat, more veggies!

*Encouragement: To my Husband daily; He needs this, (everyone does) and I always want Him to know how much I love him, and to know how capable he is to be one of the best photographers. To help him be inspired and eager, photo shoots, and ideas.

*Get more involved with my SBCC church community.

*Read more: Find a good book to read month to month.

*Drink more smoothies! (Taking advantage of our nice blender. ;) )

*Be excited for each new day; Not being afraid to show and give love to each person I speak to.

*Lists: Make to-do lists daily to stay on track.

*Time management: Using a daily planner to help. Setting priorities straight.

*Get organized: Paperwork, bills, the whole apartment. Make living easier.

*Language: Begin learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone, to speak with a few friends. :)

In all of these, I say to Give and Love with Eagerness.


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Justine said...

What a great list of goals. I overlap a lot of these so perhaps we can encourage each other!

I miss you too and look forward to seeing you in a few days!!