Sunday, November 29, 2009

Modern Christmas Wreath: Part uno.

Here it is! The wreath I was telling you I'd make. I took this with photobooth on my Mac. Doesn't quite do the wreath justice with color and texture. My husband is a photographer for crying out loud. But I am saving the better photo for when this is finished. I've had this much done for about a week now, and I haven't decided what yet to do with it. I know it needs something, but I'm not so sure what. I was thinking about making a cute little felt reindeer and pinning him on.
Any suggestions?

I used a hay wreath based, and covered the base with a navy blue cotton, using pins to hold it all in place. I don't have my own sewing machine {Yet. ;) } and so I cut the fabric in strips and wrapped them around individually and pinned them in. Not the quickest way to construct a base, but I did it! I also used 3 different colors of yarn; charcoal grey (which is looking a bit green in this picture), bright red, and a pumpkin orange. I wrapped each color and they are tied in the back of the wreath. The garland is felt, little tiny leaves I cut out in a few assorted Fall colors. I then sewed them together and pinned them onto the wreath. Pretty simple! I used a lot of straight pins! But when there is no sewing machine in sight, use what you can!

I guess my wreath isn't what most people are used to seeing, but I wanted to do something fun and colorful. I believe it may look lovely year round!

Have you decorated your house for Christmas yet? We haven't. We may be going home for Christmas! As much as I love decorating, I guess there isn't a point in putting up a tree if we're leaving! Maybe just a few lights. :)

Love & Peace,


Janae said...

Ok. I LOVE this. I like that you used amazing colors and that you added a little extra flair with the dark color. Sooo cute! YOu could use it all year round!
I may have to try one now!

Justine said...

this is incredible!