Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I would love to decorate, but...

Matt and I don't have our own place just yet. Which is pretty irritating, but we're a lot more patient than I thought we would be. Everything is coming in at once, such as the wedding, new job, new town. But yet not everything is coming at once...a job has not yet been found, and we do not have our own place. But God has a plan that makes more sense than we can imagine, no matter how much frustration that can come with it. 
Oh yeah, and did you know that Domino Magazine is done? I'm pretty upset about it, because I was ready to use it for my own decor skills! I just found out tonight, searching for pictures for inspiration...

Matt and I would love a giant book shelf covering a whole wall..though I don't think we have enough books combined in order to fill it all with literature. 
I thought this was interesting...

I would love to some day have a nice collection such as this as.
Chalk board wall! Amazing. It's a must have, once Matt and I build our own house. And once we have our own little chillens around the home, I think this would be a great way for them to express themselves.

52 days!
Love and peace.

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