Thursday, February 26, 2009

Handmade Wedding Invitations.

So, here's a little peek at our wedding invitations. I decided to buy blank card stock from Hobby Lobby, have the wording printed at Kinko's, and then ink stamp them by hand with the help of my friends and family. 

We are about half way done with them and I am hoping to be sending them out very very soon!

Matt is currently at the LAX airport and we are planning on him being home tomorrow morning, but his first flight was delayed 40 minutes and I'm pretty disappointed. I'm just praying he can make the rest of his flights so we can spend the whole day together. I miss him so very much and to be honest, we're beginning to become very impatient.  
Wish him luck!

Love & Peace,

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Chelsea Cobb said...

those are fantastic! thank you so much for putting photos of them on here!
i hope you and matt are having a fantastic time together and getting the very most out of the time you do have.