Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today was great. I was able to spend time watching Matt take pictures of his Dad in his Pilot uniform next to a couple of airplanes that were in the desert. There were hundreds of these planes, huge and staying put for a while. I walked under the belly of airplanes and just looked up in awe. It was so surreal to be standing under such a gigantic man made object, that takes us all here and there, many, many miles up into the air, and across the nations.

I'm really proud of my husband, and so honored to be his wife. He works so hard, and it isn't just that. He just has it. That something special. I just know he will be successful at whatever He's driven to do. He is driven to take his work to the top, and I have so much confidence in him.

I wish I had as much motivation as he does in my own journey with my career as a massage therapist. I feel kind of stripped away from the massage therapy world right now. I can't say I don't still yearn to be the best massage therapist I can be, but it just isn't where I am now.

I thought so much today about motivation; the people who have and still do encourage me, with day to day words or past conversations. I think a lot about Juliet, (of which I call my mentor) the director of Professional Massage Training Center. So many of the things she told me, have come back again and again in certain situations. Though, there are times when I don't do my best to apply it to my own life. I know I have the ability to be a great therapist. I know I have been stripped away from my normal surroundings, have gotten married, and am now working a minimum wage job doing post office procedures.
I didn't imagine my life would be the way it is at this point. But yet, I think some where along the way when I was worried and afraid of where my life with my career was heading, I remembered to Trust the Lord with All my heart.

I forget how young I am. I think it's okay to give myself a little slack with all the transitions I've gone through.
But I want to feel that passion again for massage therapy, and for the care of others pain. I want to be completely motivated in my studies and just dive head first into a pile of information that will further my knowledge and experience to help others.

Seeing Matt work today was such a joy for me. He is so humble, and focused.
I was so happy that he made a great connection with someone in the industry, and that he was able to freely do what he loves in such a once in a lifetime surrounding.
I feel God leading him and I only hope to encourage him, and pray for him to stay in the light of His path.
I felt God with us such a surreal environment. God is so gentle and kind to deliver beauty into our lives with each experience. I appreciate His beauty so much, as unexpected and unusual it can be.

We learn so much from our spouses and are reminded through many situations of our duties as their significant other.
I know today I wasn't only reminded, I was inspired.

With Love&Peace,

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