Saturday, September 5, 2009

Falling Into Place.

Everything is beginning to fall into place. We're really close to having our own place, a little studio in a nice complex that is located downtown, so we are close to a lot of coffee shops, a beautiful park, Matt's school, my work places, and etc. The fun thing to think about is the possibility of moving into a bigger place inside of this complex once we begin to make more money..which really wouldn't take much. I can't believe how affordable a 1 bedroom is! It's an easy process and such a clean and friendly environment. We may eventually get a kitty...from one of the shelters in town. We've really missed having a cat or dog to love on. But that may be a while until we're really settled in.
I haven't got pictures yet, but I'm sure once we've got the place looking cute as come be, I'll give you a little peek.
It's been such a process trying to get out of the living situation we're in. We've kind of felt like a burden, since we thought we'd be out by now. But it will be so soon now.
God has planned all of these things's been hard to be patient. But now that we are being patient and trusting in Him, all is falling together nicely.

Autumn is such a beautiful season. I cannot wait to make pumkin pie, apple cheesecake, peanut butter bars, hot chocolate, and tea. I'm kind of sad that I won't experience all of the leaves changing and the cool weather. It doesn't get like that in SB like it does in Springfield. 
I miss my family and friends back at my hometown. It's funny how you don't think you'll miss a place that seemed so boring when you were there. But really, there is so much to miss when you've left everything that you know.
I can't wait to see my family back home during the's going to be so so good.

Love and Peace,


chelsea said...

I am so excited for you guys! I can imagine how nice it will be for you to have your own place together and finally have some place to truly call home, a home of your own. I can't wait to see photographs!

ashleymoe said...

my phone number has 777 in it haha, the holiest of all number combination! I never want to get a new number because of it.

The shoes are from urban outfitters! I just got them this summer so some may still be around. Like all the other shoes I've gotten from uo though, they're already falling apart :(

I want to see your wedding pictures!!