Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birds, birds, birds.

I've started on felt birds to make a baby mobile. I'm hoping I can give this one to my Aunt-in-law, and that it can fit nicely in the Baby's room. She is due mid October, and I'd like to have it all done way before then, but I'm kind of occupied away from my hobbies on and off with two on call jobs.

Here are a few ideas that are helping me to create my own...
I wish I could remember which blogs they came from, because they're all so cute and deserve mucho credit!

I'd like to make one with clouds someday like this one.

This would look great hanging in any room. I'd love it if I could make one as beautiful as this.

It was also helpful to see how they dispensed them differently. I'm trying to figure out which way is going to be the best way to reenact for the one I'm working on.

California is beautiful. Matt and I have met some unique people that we've connected with. 
It can be difficult to forget about which state is my home, but rather that God is my home, and my husband is my home. 

I've learned to daily, go to the Father before others, so that I may Love with a more pure love. 
I know there's a verse on this somewhere; hope to find it again soon.

Love and Peace,

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