Sunday, July 5, 2009

A sigh of relief.

Yesterday I went to try on my wedding dress again to see if the alterations that were made were going to fit right. 
I asked about lifting the waist line up to my hips, rather than where it has been sitting at the low hips. I haven't been very happy with my dress, because going into picking out a dress, I had in my mind of how deeply I wanted a high waisted dress, which is more fitting for my taste.
My Mom and the seamstress weren't too happy about my decision about lifting the waistline, having frowning brows looking at me, and I was feeling like I was in such an awkward position. But as she pinned it up, and I glanced in the mirror, I could feel this wave of emotion. I was about to cry, and knew this was relief!
I had been second guessing myself for so long about what alterations could and couldn't be done to my dress...and here I was at the last minute, 2 weeks before the wedding, changing the silhouette of my dress. 

But listen, I'm a vintage, high waisted dress, Audrey Hepburn style, cutsey wearin' kind of girl at heart!


Lesson learned: Never second guess yourself! Especially for your wedding dress!

I wish I could post up a picture, but I guess most of you will just have to wait and see at the wedding! 
Which happens to be in 13 days! 
I am so excited to be marrying my best friend.

Love and Peace.
Linny boo.

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