Sunday, April 19, 2009

THE shoe.


So, after much debating, and deciding to go with classic white heels, I couldn't stop myself from staring at this particular pair of white satin heels. They have now become my wedding heels and soon they will be headed towards me so my itsy bitsy feet can try them on!

Satin, ankle strap, peep toe, and bow or flower embellishment was a must for my shoe. It sure did take a long time!
Tomorrow my Mom and I are going to do some wedding stuff. Pick up my dress, finalize flowers..etc. Should be fun! Not stressful.


p.s. I'm very tired of this distance Matt and I have toughed through. It's beginning to be frustrating. Luckily he'll be home in 5 days! And I will be flying back with him and visiting Cali for a couple of weeks. I cannot wait. 
About 3 months to go until the wedding. Everything is going to change drastically. I've been very stressed while Matt has been away, and it has shown on my face. I'm determined to be strong and carefree so my skin will be smiling along with me.
I graduated from PMTC and am on my way to becoming a licensed Massage therapist! And hopefully in Neuromuscular therapy as well. 
So much has happened so fast this past year, and it is certainly not going to slow down anytime soon.

More headbands soon to be posted on my etsy! I'll keep you posted.


Korea-Seoul-Map said...

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sleepy fawn said...

the rose kind is delicious! I think it's supposed to be cherry.
I know, I know, the whole polaroid thing drives me crazy. I think the 600 is going be continued, by my favorite kind, Spectra, is only sold in a couple of stores on the costs!
Too bad I live in the middle of america haha.

Ahh wedding planning is so exciting. I know how you feel, I was away from my husband for a long time before our wedding, too.
Those shoes are fantastic!