Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decision time..I'm getting closer.

Matt knows me so well. He described my style and taste as Modern ranch. I love cutesy decor, such as a splash of a green or red and a quirky decoration such as white tree branches. I love placing small sentimental pieces in the room, such as a wooden elephant my best friend brought back for me from Mali, Africa. 
I'm really excited to decorate our first place together. I think my quirky cutesy taste and his simplistic modern taste will really create something beautiful and cosy. 
Ranunculuses are full and delicate. I have decided to use them in the wedding; mainly deep purples, whites, maybe yellows, and pinks for my bouquet, as well as fern curls throughout mine and the bridesmaid's white bouquets. 
And last but not least...
I think I'm going to have yellow invitations. I think they will say "hello summer."

p.s. I've decided to boot peacock feathers for the bridesmaid's, because it was giving me a hard time to work around them. But I've decided to incorporate something more vintage, such as flowery hair pins. I shall post examples later on for you.

Love and Peace,

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