Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So very very soon..

Here's a pretty for your day:

I wish I had the link to this for credit, but I'm sorry I don't!

We're so close to March! My mind just got a little more full, and I feel a little more stressed.
But I have to remember how important time management really is. Time slips through our fingers if we don't use it wisely...and that seems to be my problem sometimes.
But not this week! I'm gonna make this happen. :)

Lots to do! Things to make, have Matthew take lovely pictures, and post them all on my Etsy!

I will be announcing my new Etsy name March 1st for the grand

What is something you're looking forward to?


1 comment:

lesley kay said...

i love this shoot! enjoy looking at the rest of the photos. :)