Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new place.

I loooove Orla Kiely's designs!...

Luckily, Matt and I had our registry at Target at the right time when Orla Kiely for Target was in. 

We were able to get a few mugs, table napkins and place mats, pot holders etc.

But since we don't have our own place yet, we can't use these things. We are eager for the day we can place all of our appliances in the cabinets, not worry about space when it comes to our groceries in the refrigerator, and decorate however we please!!

It will be a relief once I'm not living out of boxes...

The other day Matt and I had a walk on the beach with our friend Jordan, when he came to visit us. We found all of these fascinating little rocks with perfect little holes in them. Perfect for necklaces and bracelets! As silly as it sounds, rocks are interesting little pieces. They have their own story of their age, how they were formed, what they are made from, and how the ocean swept them so peacefully onto the beach's shore. 

I like to think of people in that sort of way, strangers that I do not know. Those who walk differently, or those who have a look in their eyes that conveys sadness. It makes me wonder what their story is. They stand out because they are different, but you get the feeling they are an outcast. 

Let's reach out to others with love because of the Grace God gives us.

Love and Peace.

L. Douglas

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miss indie said...

Thank you doll :]
I'm thinking it's time for long hair.

So, where did two loves move to?