Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forever Changing with God's Love.

I've packed all of my belongings and have moved to a different state. 
I have no place for all of my things, books, clothing, and picture frames. They're piled in boxes that have carried a smell from where they once came and that scent has followed them all the way here. My new home is not tidy, but it is a blessing to be able to stay with new family before Matt and I have our own new place to call home.
There's an awkward feeling of leaving things behind that cannot necessarily be touched by hands, and then there are family and friends that I have been so sad to leave, but yet in my heart I know the relationships that have been created are sincere and most of them, lifetime acknowledgments and forever friendships.

It has been so wonderful, getting closer to my family. We don't always do a whole lot together. I've always felt that I can communicate easily with my Mom. But to be able to communicate more thoroughly with my Dad and my Sister was such a beautiful feeling. I know they can be quiet with some of their inner thoughts, but to really acknowledge their thoughts and feelings is another thing. To tell them how much I Love and care for them. The wedding was a good event for my family, and I know it brought us closer together. The important thing is to continually keep that communication, and always letting them know how much I Love them. 

I Love my husband. Though I am still getting used to saying 'Husband.' Every new time I get to sign my name, I cannot help but smile. He is the most caring and understanding person I know, sincerely. He takes the time to listen and give the best advice from his inner spirit. 
He is a fresh breath of air and he is the cutest person to see in the mornings when we wake.
We cook dinner together, and work together as a team. I love that about us.
Our wedding was absolutely perfect. It was simple, cute, unique, sincere, and fun! All of the stress rolled easily off of our backs. Laughter, tears of joy, dancing, chatting, and singing. It was more than I could ever ask for, to be sincerely wrapped in the arms of God's Love. His Love has been so evident by the Loving people He has continued to surround us with, and our wedding was what really helped me to see that, and put it all into words.
Our Honeymoon was beautiful! Wine country in CA is such a beautiful place; hills upon hills of rows of grapes on the vine. San Francisco was cold and wet, and not my favorite climate, but yet I still think of the little details I enjoyed seeing, that had nothing really to do with the structure of the town, but more so of the people. The little smiles of children as they ride and exit the trolleys, the greatness of the diversity. But something that I realized more in that city, were those few we passed with such a deadness in their eyes. They looked lost, wandering the streets of San Francisco. It is scary thing to see, but yet I wish I could warm them with God's Love.

I have a lot on my mind. Many random thoughts, and many that are kind of scrambled together.
I need to spend time with the Lord, and reflect with Him. Spending time in His word, and sustaining Love, because the negative is such a strong force, but Our God is much, much stronger.

Love and Peace.

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chelsea said...

i sure do love you guys and am so excited for you. you both will be missed because springfield holds you so close to its heart.
i wanted to thank you, lindsay. i meant to at the wedding but i just didn't. i just want you to know how much it meant to me when you came over and listened to me. i really needed someone and i never did thank you enough for being there when it felt like no one else was.
keep writing on here so we can know how you guys are doing out there.
love love love.